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Reliable Field Solutions is one of the fastest growing data collection companies in the marketplace. We offers comprehensive fieldwork solutions for market research companies, consulting companies and corporate clients. We deal with latest in data collection technologies and resources to reach your target audience.

We have extensive experience dealing with diverse respondent audiences and complex client needs. Reliable Field Solution  has its field offices & Trusted FW partner. We have the field strength of 50 full-time staff and more than 100 plus freelance interviewers/supervisors.We do everything from fieldwork up to data processing for various organizations and market research companies of national repute.We offer our clients end to end solutions for all types of client requirement.

We have gained valuable insights into some of the leading international brands and continuously seek to improve our knowledge of markets with a view toward providing a unique and cutting-edge service to all of our existing and prospective clients.


The strength of this research lies in examining feelings and motivations. Longer, more flexible relationships with respondents result in deeper and richer insights.


We have conducted some of the largest customer satisfaction studies around. We’ve done everything from hall tests to CATI studies in areas as diverse as telecommunications and automobiles.

Online Research

This research provides intelligent, agile, and constructive solutions to client needs, quickly and cost-effectively.Internet research, Internet science or i Science ,data science.

We are expert in

Multi Country Data Collection

Android based data Collection

Data Analysis & Charting

End to end Project Managements

Image Studies

Package Testing

New Product Development

Retail Studies

Brand Health Trackers

Concept Testing

Awareness Surveys

Baseline Surveys

Mystery Shopping

Media Reserch

Interaction Reserch

Advert Evaluation Survey

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